Our free hanging candle holders are designed to create an attractive ambient evening light. They are suspended with nylon line which creates the magical effect of them floating in mid air. Visit our Gallery for more images.



The holders are best suited for verandahs, lapas and pool houses etc and can be hung to gently rotate in the corner of any room. The light then shines through the holder’s carvings onto the surrounding walls.

If candles aren’t your thing, our holders double as great planters. By adding a little soil to each node they can be adorned with creepers, flowering plants or herbs.

The bamboo is sourced from farmers in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands before being professionally hand crafted in the tranquil surroundings of Hilton by Senzo Ndlovu and his team.

Provided the correct candles are used the holders will blacken a little but will never burn. For garden use a wood sealant can be applied, however, bamboo is a very durable substance and the effect of natural weathering is very appealing.

The bamboo for the candle holders is hand picked from dry and fallen bamboo stock. Bamboo cracks as it dries so the odd one will appear in time. This ageing adds to the appeal of the whole concept.

We specialise in single and double node holders but larger can be made by special request. Holders are priced per node (each node has space for a candle).

Bamboo Candle Holders
Bamboo Candle Holders

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