From the day that we opened our doors in 2001, we have been making quality candles and selling great products to complement them. Our candles are made with the best waxes available and all burn cleanly, while our fragrances are of the highest quality.

Where possible we use essential oils and natural fragrances.

The highest percentage of fragrance possible is put into our candles to ensure that the scent throw is experienced in full.

We specialise in cylindrical shaped candles as well as some square ones. Other shapes may be ordered and we do our best to accommodate our customers’ wishes.

Our décor range has a rustic chunky look and comes in a variety of different sizes and colours to best fit in with any setting. The candles are wrapped in cellophane and labelled with details of the scents they contain.

Our Equilibrium range, which differs greatly from the décor range, is more suited to gifting. It consists of two-toned rough textured candles which are sold unwrapped with rustic packaging. Each candle is decorated with raffia, a glass bead and a card label describing the scent.

Our aroma range of bottled fragrances and essential oils, and other aromatic products are for home use in burners, reed diffusers, potpourri and other home fragrance systems. The essential oils can also be used for massage with our carrier oils. The essential oils are available in 20ml bottles, the carrier oils in 50ml bottles and the fragrances in 30ml bottles. We are always looking for new and innovative aromatic products to add to our range.

Our hanging bamboo candle holders are unique to us. Hand crafted in KZN from very large pieces of bamboo, they come in two sizes – single node or double node. They are designed to hold the candles within the bamboo’s natural nodes with various carvings which allow the light to shine through from the inside. They can be hung from a tree in the garden or on a patio or veranda. If candles aren’t your thing, the holders can also be used as planters.

We cater to the private individual shopper as well as wholesale customers wanting stock for a shop or organising a function.

If a customer requires their own range of candles to sell themselves we can create that for them. These candles can be labelled and branded by the customer as their product. We strive to cater to each of our customers’ unique specifications. Visit our Gallery for more photos.