Decor Range – Cylinder

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
C1 Mini 6cm 6cm 130g R35.00
C2 Small 8cm 8cm 300g R55.00
C4 Medium 10cm 10cm 600g R95.00
C5 Large 12cm 12cm 950g R135.00
C6 Extra Large 14cm 14cm 1 730g R270.00
F1 Fatty (S) 10cm 10cm 600g R95.00
F2 Fatty (M) 15cm 10cm 1010g R160.00
F3 Fatty (L) 20cm 10cm 1 200g R180.00
RP1 Fatty (XL) 30cm 10cm 2 100g R290.00
RP2 Fatty (XXL) 45cm 10cm 3 000g R500.00
CSF1 Super Fat (S) 15cm 15cm 2 200g R440.00
CSF2 Super Fat (M) 30cm 15cm 4 400g R880.00
CSF3 Super Fat (L) 45cm 15cm 6 600g R1 800.00
CSF4 Super Fat (XL) 60cm 15cm 8 800g R2 200.00

Decor Range – Hurricane

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
H1 Small 10cm 7cm 350g R70.00
H2 Medium 15cm 7cm 475g R85.00
H3 Large 20cm 7cm 650g R100.00
H4 Small Thin 10cm 6cm 250g R50.00
H5 Medium Thin 13cm 6cm 350g R70.00
H6 Extra Large 60cm 7cm 1 950g R280.00

Decor Range – Chakra

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
H1C Small 10cm 7cm 350g R105.00
H2C Medium 15cm 7cm 475g R130.00
H3C Large 20cm 7cm 650g R150.00
H4C Small Thin 10cm 6cm 250g R75.00
H5C Medium Thin 13cm 6cm 350g R105.00
H6C Extra Large 15cm 10cm 1010g R240.00

Decor Range – Square Column

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
SS1 Narrow Small 10cm 7cm x 7cm 475g R85.00
SS2 Narrow Medium 15cm 7cm x 7cm 720g R125.00
SS3 Narrow Large 20cm 7cm x 7cm 930g R170.00
SS4 Narrow Extra Large 25cm 7cm x 7cm 1 200g R215.00
S1 Small 9.5cm 9.5cm x 9.5cm 850g R125.00
S2 Medium 15cm 9.5cm x 9.5cm 1 250g R190.00
S3 Large 20cm 9.5cm x 9.5cm 1 650g R260.00
SP1 Pillar Medium 30cm 9.5cm x 9.5cm 2 550g R450.00
SP2 Pillar Large 45cm 9.5cm x 9.5cm 3 850g R650.00

Equilibrium Range – Pillar

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
E1 Small 7.5cm 7.5cm 300g R70.00
E2 Medium 13.5cm 8cm 650g R160.00
E3 Large 20cm 8cm 1 000g R200.00
N1 Medium Narrow 15cm 7.5cm 550g R120.00
N2 Large Narrow 20cm 7.5cm 710g R160.00
N3 Extra Large Narrow 25cm 7.5cm 880g R180.00

Massage candles

Our unique Massage Candles are made from the purist natural oils, butters and essential oils making them gentle on even the most sensitive skins. The ceramic containers that contain the candle are hand made and the product is packaged in a luxurious gift box.

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
MC1 Standard 10.5cm 8cm 560g R280.00
MC2 75ml Tin 75ml R25.00

Natural Candles

We offer an exclusive range of Natural Candles containing only natural waxes and oils. The container range changes from season to season so please enquire on the latest colours and styles on offer.

We offer a pillar candle in a natural wax blend as well.

Code Size Height Diameter Weight Price
CN1 Standard 15cm 6cm 360g R185.00

These pillar candles are elegantly packaged in a tubular gift box with a natural finish.

Bamboo Candle Holders

Code Nodes Price
B1 1 R275.00
B2 2 R425.00